How did you come up with your character? Just making a new post from this for this blog too!

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(( Got the pictures for their Profile pages done!—))

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Donation Commission for Aeron of her pokefoxfamily

Reblogging here too u v u Butahhagainthankyouverymuchyesimhappy ; v ;

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To the mod: you know, Abra's based on a fox :) you ever consider using an Abra?

(( I never knew ; w ;. I never paid any attention to Abra (because I’ve never used them in games) but looking at them now, I can see it!

If I can figure out a place for one with these fellas (and a design that isn’t too far from it but easier on me) then I’ll definitely throw an Abra in! ))

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Fleur: …Sucks, that ditto was pretty good at cards.

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Fleur: I mean.. there’s so much to choose from..I don’t want to make the wrong choice.

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